About Us

Allegra Vintij is a curated collection of one off hand picked pre-loved vintage treasures from all over the world.

Allegra, meaning "cheerful" in Italian and being Beck Versace's real name, was a name given to the founder in college that has stuck with her as her interest in vintage and fashion have grown. We focus on sourcing classic, unique, timeless, and well-made pieces that embody culture, while still being relevant. Our mission is to bring one-of-kind, quality vintage pieces to our customers, wherever they may be, in an affordable and easily obtainable matter, and of course, allow them to "Always Play Dress Up!"

Allegra Vintij launched in May 2019 by founder Michelle Radow, where she re-discovered her love of vintage during some time off during COVID19. Michelle decided it was time to collect on a larger scale and bring her love for vintage with to New York and beyond. She looks forward to sharing the stories of each piece with you, and hearing and seeing the adventures you take them on. Let's start this journey together, with Allegra Vintij.

Due to COVID-19 and limitations on travel, most pieces are sourced locally and within the neighboring states.